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The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats review – Nibble this!

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Pop star Katy Perry has once again teamed up with The Sims to bring you Sweet Treats, a new ‘pack’ for The Sims 3. That’s right – it’s not a ‘stuff pack’ or an ‘expansion pack’, but a ‘pack’.

The reason for this becomes immediately apparent as you delve into its content – there’s way too much stuff to be classed as a normal stuff pack, but there’s no new gameplay, so it’s not an expansion either.


Since I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to Katy Perry, and hence didn’t see how the ‘sweet treat’ contents of the pack related to her, I did a bit of Googling. Her video for ‘California Gurls’ explained everything. The Candyland-style setting and outfits were clearly the inspiration for this special Sims pack, with many of those items having been perfectly recreated for your Sims to enjoy. But is this just a way to cash-in on celebrity branded products? Let’s have a look at the contents.

SKPweet Treats, like any Sims pack, contains a number of thematically related items for placing in your Sims’ homes or town. Every single item here is sweet-themed, meaning you can finally build that gingerbread house you always wanted! There are over 50 news items (way more than other stuff packs), most of them wonderfully detailed with cupcakes, sweeties and more. There’s even a banana split-styled couch and a candy floss tree!

In short, if you want to feel constantly hungry while playing The Sims, just buy a few of these items for your house. Or all of them! Admittedly, the new items probably won’t fit in well with your current furniture, so you might want to make some themed rooms. A little girl’s playroom would look adorable in a candy theme.

The new clothing is similar in its theme, as well as the impressive detail on each of the items. It’s disappointing that there’s only one (rather horrible) outfit for male Sims (what happened to that funky suit Snoop Dogg wears in the video?), and absolutely nothing for teens and younger. So my little girl Sim won’t be able to dress up to match her awesome playroom. Surely some of the adult outfits could have been modified for younger Sims – a little brownie outfit or some of the other candy-type dresses would look so cute! Similarly, the Katy Perry fan t-shirts could be made for any age.


However, adult female Sims will be over the moon. Most of the new outfits (there are about two dozen!) and hairstyles are the candy-themed from the California Gurls, though there are quite a few outfits that Katy has worn in various other appearances, all recreated in exquisite detail. These are available as everyday or formal outfits, and there’s even one swimsuit. Whether you want your Sim to look quite so outrageously fashionable and delicious on a daily basis is another story.

To further set Katy Perry Sweet Treats apart from normal Sims offerings, it also includes three new community venues that can be placed in any town. There’s a new pool, a hangout, and a children’s park, all three of which are completely candy-themed. They would make a tasty addition to any Sim town. Finally, there is a Simlish rendition of the Katy Perry song ‘Last Friday Night’. It’s cute and catchy and adds to the vast array of songs that are already available in The Sims 3.


I was disappointed by the lack of Katy Perry-themed stuff in the Showtime Katy Perry Special Edition, which really only included a handful of items and outfits related to the pop star. It didn’t even include a song from her, even though that expansion pack revolved around performing! The reason for this became clear when Sweet Treats was announced. Turns out they had enough Katy Perry content to warrant her very own pack.

Katy Perry fans will probably love this, but if you, like me, are indifferent on that count, don’t dismiss this pack out of hand. I was pretty sceptical at first, as it seemed like an obvious way to cash in on the celebrity collaboration thing (again). However, upon seeing the final package, I have to say, the candy-themed items and clothing are gorgeous, sparkly, colourful and highly detailed, making for a high quality offering. If you have a sweet tooth like me (or really want your Sims to stand out), you’ll probably love this unusual pack.

Oh…we’ve got a copy of Katy Perry Sweet Treats to give away to one sim-loving reader. Just leave a comment here and you could be taking your Sims to Candyland.

Last Updated: June 15, 2012

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