The Sims 4 gives loyalty rewards, free music

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Can you believe it? It’s now less than a month until The Sims 4 makes its way to PCs around the world. EA has revealed some benefits that previous lovers of the series can enjoy, as well as a brand new musical track to get you ready to build your dream home.

First up are the rewards. Do you own The Sims 3? You automatically get a reward within The Sims 4.

You’ll be rewarded with in-game digital content in The Sims 4 for owning and registering The Sims 3 PC and The Sims 3 Expansion Packs. Each reward object will affect your Sims’ emotions and personalities in a unique way.

By clicking here, you can login with your Origin account and see exactly which reward objects you will receive. I only get two of the rewards (remember when Lazygamer made me review a Sims 3 expansion?) but the top tier rewards is pretty, um, interesting. It’s called the “ultimate freezer bunny award” and I’m worried what emotional impact it would have on my Sims.

Meanwhile, they also revealed some more details about the score of the game. The music is all new and designed to make players feel good and inspired. Emotion-based music is even more important, and with the wider range of emotions it seems that we can expect more varied music, too. Here was a “special treat” from the developers: the Sims 4 Build Mode Exclusive Mix:

I’m sorta terrified by the comments on this track. Apparently, it made some of the hardcore fans cry it was so incredible. What do you think? Will you be happy to hear these tunes while building your dream home? Does this make you feel inspired?

Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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