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The Sims 4 goes outdoors, and to Mac next month

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The Sims 4 is still a sensation for fans of the franchise, although some people are starting to get bored of the standard options for the game. I suppose it’s a good thing that the first game pack is available for download from Origin and will show you the great outdoors. Even better, a bunch more Sims will be joining the family next month.

The official twitter account confirmed it:

Priced similarly to the PC version, current PC owners will get a copy of the Mac version for free. However, we have no idea if your creations will move easily between platforms. Still, you can always use the gallery system to upload and download your bizarre families and homes.

Assuming you’re already playing the game on PC, the all new game pack is available now. Tired of everyday simulated life? Take your Sims to Granite Falls, an all new destination for camping, pitching a tent and other euphemisms for having fun. Here’s the trailer for it.

And here’s a link for those who can’t YouTube.

Outdoor Retreat will set you back $20 and is reminiscent of the old “Stuff Packs”. It adds a bunch of new costumes and items, as well as various traits. I would definitely make all my Sims squeamish just to see what happens, although making them herbalists could have some rather entertaining repercussions when they return home.

Are you still playing The Sims 4? Are you excited to take them camping, or are you as interested in simulated camping as you are in real life excursions?

Last Updated: January 14, 2015

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