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The six greatest video game references in South Park

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With a new South Park game on the way, it’s pretty clear that creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker happen to be fans of the industry. After all, gaming has popped up numerous times throughout the iconic show, mostly for laughs that poked fun at us gamers. Here’s a look at the top five instances when the show tapped A on our funny bones.

OKAMA GAMESPHERE! – Towelie (2001)


So you’ve got yourself a brand spankin’ new console, games to play and friends to enjoy it with you. But of course, life is going to impede on that fun, and it’s not long before the boys soon find themselves missing out on some quality time, thanks to a Government conspiracy revolving around weaponised towels, alien invasions, weed and evil clones.

Only Trey Parker and Matt Stone could come up with something so bizarre, yet coherent, as the boys battle onwards to save their precious console. OKAMA GAMESPHERE! PING!

Bombu da Pearl Harbouru! – ChinPokomon (1999)


Where were you when Pokemon hit our shores? The cartoon behemoth was notable for several things when it launched, from a great game, anime becoming more mainstream, Nintendo making even more cash and that one time I ate a bag of Simba chips and almost choked on a Machamp tazo.

Now imagine that Pokémon craze, but warped, twisted and turned into a subliminal ideology for Japan to once again attack Pearl Harbour, using everything from child-manned weapons to psychological diversionary tactics centred on a mans most prized asset.

The Sony PSP is a training tool for the ultimate battle – Best Friends Forever (2005)

Best Friends Forever

Who says video games can’t teach you anything? Religion practically approves of gaming technology, as who else but the Almighty himself could have designed the PSP console? And why would he? So that Heaven would have a chance against the unlimited hordes of hell with their mighty, yet limited army of Mormons and warrior angels of course!

But trust the minds of South Park to take things a step further, and toss in a sub-plot revolving around the right to live, an Emperor Palpatine reference and even a small amount of Monty Python style animation creeping in at the end. Another classic episode, lampooning a popular product.

Athiests, attack! – Go God Go XII Part 1 and 2 (2006)

Go God Go XII

What’s worse than knowing that you can afford a new console? Why knowing that you can afford it, and then realising that you have to still wait several months before you can actually go and buy it! It’s a situation like that, that gave me sleepless nights back in the day before the Virtual Boy was finally released.

Of course, I could pass the time by having other responsibilities, but for spoilt brat Eric Cartman, it was too much, which is why he froze himself, in an attempt to kill the time waiting for the release date.

Of course, things quickly went pear-shaped, when Cartman was frozen for far too long, as he awoke over 500 years later to a world populated by feuding atheists and talking sea-otters. Who are also atheists.

What follows is one epic to not only find a Wii console in the future, but to survive long enough to play on it, as evolution and intelligent design collide in a clash for the ages. Also, talking atheist sea-otters, I cannot stress this enough!

Heroin Hero – Guitar Queer-o (2007)

Guitar Queer-o

Pretty much everyone on the planet has played Guitar Hero, long before the genre eventually collapsed in on itself. Before it did so though, some spin-offs were being planned, except for my one, which was a plastic shotgun with QTE prompts, for Kurt Cobain Hero.

Now imagine crafting a career for Guitar Hero. Imagine being the best, earning all the big scores and living the life of a star. What’s the next logical step then? Why Heroin-hero of course, as various South Park characters decided to chase that metaphorical dragon. Only it was less metaphor, and more squeaky-voiced temptation, at the end of the day.

Make Love not Warcraft (2006)

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Quite simply, the greatest love letter to gaming, while simultaneously giving it a playful ribbing. Everything was perfect, from the quest, through to the annoying villain, the challenges ahead and the fantastic training montage.

Thank Blizzard as well, who worked with South Park to produce the episode, giving them access to the game world and their expertise, which helped craft a believable tale centred on the ultimate evil, and the search for the Sword of a Thousand Truths.

It’s an episode that every gamer should see, at least once in their life.

Last Updated: August 8, 2012

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