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The Sony sh*t umbrella opens up

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I’ve never been one for titles in companies but if I ever worked for Sony I’d want to have Scott Rohde’s job so that I can print business cards with my job title being Shit Umbrella.

Granted that’s not actually his official title, which is a rather more mundane Sony Worldwide Studios vice president, but Scott’s unofficial title is the Shit Umbrella as it is his job to protect the first party studios from the BS that comes flying down from upstairs.

According to Scott it is not Sony’s culture to force the first party studios to implement any new technology, like twisting the controller to open valves in Killzone or ensuring that Uncharted is changed to work on mobile devices. No apparently that is entirely the studio’s own doing and they are entirely free to do what they like.

Specifically that God of War’s newly announced multiplayer had nothing to do with them and that it was Santa Monica’s decision entirely.

Another contentious point he brings up is that the PS Vita is far superior to the Wii-U as the Wii-U tablet doesn’t come with its own processor and has to be powered by the Wii-U box itself while the Vita has a processor and is therefore much better. Nothing though was said about the fact that all tablets and smartphones have processors as well and there are a lot more than 1.8 million of those floating around that can be used for Xbox SmartGlass.

I wonder if I can use Scott’s umbrella myself while he carries on…as I’m not buying it.

Last Updated: June 19, 2012

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