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The two guys from Andromeda are back…

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No cheating

So let’s check your classic gaming knowledge quickly. we’ve recently seen a whole pile of old classic titles being reimagined and this trend has brought out the two guys from Andromeda for another swing.

Do you remember who these guys are and what they made?

Surely that header image has given it away in all it’s CGA goodness?

No well think back to the days of quests and then which one would fit two guys with pig noses in it.

Okay fine, here’s your answer and the reason we are talking about them at the same time

For you poor sods who can’t watch YouTube video’s from the office the Two Guys From Andromeda are the original master minds behind the Space Quest series and while they aren’t confirming a new Space Quest just yet they are confirming that they are going to be making a new sci fi adventure game.

If for some reason they are stupid enough not to make a new Space Quest and try for something else instead then it’s going to have to be incredible to drown out the nerd rage that will rain down upon them.

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Last Updated: April 16, 2012

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