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The Week in Review 21 May 2007

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So it’s time for the regular weekly wrap up… 3 weeks in a row now that’s quite impressive for me 🙂

Half way through last week I found a really awesome poll system so I am going to add that into my weekly round up now as well.

Poll Question: Which is your main next gen console?

67% said the Xbox 360
19% said the PS3
14% said that they still prefer the PC
and suprisingly 0% said the Wii… I guess not enough people have managed to import one yet…

So currently the Xbox 360 is ahead by far, I will be interested to see these results again in 6 months time..

Now to the stories

5. Halo 3 Crackdown Debacle
I guess everyone enjoys reading about Americans throwing their toys :), I am glad to report that the Halo 3 Beta was finally available to download and it was well worth the wait.

4. MGS4 on Xbox 360 – Make up your mind!
Everyone wants it and the developers are now implying that it is coming. I just wish someone would really clarify this once and for all….

3. Sony’s woes continue
The latest sales data forJapan was not good news for Sony, with the Xbox 360 selling more software than the PS3 and the Wii still dominating everything.

2.  Bad Day for Sony
Last week was an awful week for Sony, and the posting about the huge losses that Sony racked up managed to claw it’s way to number 2 for the week

And the number one posting of the last week which only just managed to push Sony’s bad day into second place is

1. Web Africa Logo Competition – Win a Xbox 360
Exactly like the headline says, Win a Xbox 360 by designing a new logo the Web Africa.

So that’s it for last week, here is hoping this week is better for Sony…..

Last Updated: May 21, 2007

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