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The Week in Review 4 June 2007

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It’s time for my weekly round up again…

For the last week I have been running a poll checking to see how stable your consoles have been and the results are not suprising.

Q: How is your console doing?

1. No Problems at all – 68%
2. My Xbox 360 died – 20%
3. Multiple 360’s dead – 12%
4. My PS3 died – 0%
5. My Wii died – 0%

So either the PS3 and Wii are very stable consoles or non of you have one 🙂
The 360 seems to have a 30% failure rate in most online polls which is a truly shocking statistic.

Anyway over to the articles, thanks to www.Amatomu.com for making this easy.

5. The Wii is going to overtake the 360 soon
Quite self explanatory title that… nothing to suprising either

4. FIFA ’08 will thrash PES07
This is the opinion of the marketing director of EA so take it with a pinch of salt. However the game looks very good

3. Shadowrun Review
I’m either getting better at writing headlines or you just like the obvious ones.. This would be a review of Shadowrun… What is scary though is I that I wrote this article in March… Google searches I take it.

2. Microsoft: Keeping the Sweaty 360s In Check
The rumoured official 360 thermometer that turned out to be a audio controller…

And if you where paying any attention last week it is blatantly obvious which article was the most read… The one that hit the top 3 of www.n4g.com

1. Is Linux going to sink the PS3?
To say this beat the other other articles would be an insult to it’s victory. It came first by a margin of 14:1…. Kind of like Wii to PS3 sales, This is what happens when you let the Americans onto the site, y’all come back now ya hear….

Last Updated: June 4, 2007

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