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The week in review – 7 May 2007

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It’s time again for the not so regular week in review. This is a look back at the most popular articles over the last 7 days. Thanks to www.amatomu.com for the stats to do this easily enough…

5. F.E.A.R PS3 vs Xbox 360
This has been popular now ever since it was written, I guess people enjoy watching this well made video comparison of the two consoles…

4. 10 PS3 tricks Sony doesn’t tell you
The title says it all really, most of the tricks are known but there where 1 or 2 that I thought maybe useful to most PS3 owners

3. Sony goes to far!
The Sony PR stunt with the goat that got everyone worked up. I wonder if this was so well read because of the bad PR stunt or the naked woman in the picture?

2. Microsoft admits flaw in the Xbox 360
This is another article that is staying popular. This is actually still the number 1 article over the month.

and the most popular article over the last 7 days is….

1. PS3 Review by Scotty
Well done Scotty for writing an obviously well taken review. Not only did you hit the number 1 spot for the week you did it in 1 day and have already hit the number 5 spot for the month…

So thanks to you all for reading and I hope to see you back again this week…

Last Updated: May 7, 2007

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