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The “White Label” debacle – Official Response

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Earlier today I was browsing the local PS3 Forums and came across a thread about White Label games and the legality around them.

The thread has now been locked as it seemed to drift into the personal accusation stage which is never pretty but it did raise an interesting point that has been cleared up for me by one of the local distributors.

Okay so you see that image above? Well that is what we class as a “White label” title and it is normally what the reviewers are given to work with. The game is 100% complete but it doesn’t come with a nice box or manuals or any of that good stuff.

Now the question was raised whether you can sell these or not. Well take a look at the full picture and let me know what you think.


As you can see it clearly states that this disc is Not For Sale in pretty much every language required.

The next question was whether or not it is legal or ethical to give them away in competitions. I put my big fat foot forward and said I disagree with giving them away and that while it may be legal I didn’t like it.

Well I have been duly chastised by a distributor and informed that it is firstly completely illegal to sell White Labels, but we knew that and then secondly perfectly legal to give away white labels… Which I suspected.

However they also raised a valid point, and bare with me while I put words in their mouth here. Each distributor is given a limited amount of marketing cash from the main international distributors and with this they need to do the normal advertising as well as building hype around the games.

One of the best ways to build hype is by engaging with the community and running competitions to give away prizes, seeing that White Label games work perfectly and are perfectly legal then there really is no point in not giving them away.

99% of people who win games are happy with their winnings and the few who would rather not have won the title should not have entered to be perfectly honest.

Gaming is an incredibly expensive hobby and we really shouldn’t look a gift distributor in the mouth.

*Please note the fact that the game above is a PS3 game or Soul Calibur means nothing. These White Label titles apply to all the consoles and all the distributors.

Last Updated: December 4, 2008

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