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The Wii is going to overtake the 360 soon

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So CB Games is reporting on the fact that the Wii will most probably overtake the 360 in sales this year which is an amazing feat if you think about it.

They go on to say that this generation may belong to the casual gamers and insinuate that it is a bad thing…

One thing people do miss out on though is the attachment rate. The number of games ‘attached’ to each console.

The Wii is selling fantastically and I cannot wait to get one as soon as they are released here but it’s attachment rate is currently shocking (1-2). Which is not good news the game developers…

The 360 has always had the best attachment rate (5-8) which is one of the reasons so many developers are creating new games for it..

Last I saw the PS3’s attachment rate is less than 1 per console which tells it’s own story really.

The Wii is in a different league to the 360 and PS3 and will most probably outsell both of them easily, I don’t think that is a bad thing though and I don’t think Sony or Microsoft are worried in the least.

Link to Wii Puts Xbox 360’s Next-Gen Lead In Jeopardy: 2 Million And Closing

Last Updated: May 31, 2007

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