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The Witcher 2 devs want you to make a game!

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My photoshop powers are below 9000 this morning...

Think you have what it takes to produce some stunning games, but are lacking the tools to do so? Well good news then, because CD Projekt RED has donned their Uncle Sam hats and are looking for a few good men to mod their titles! They’ve got just such a tool coming out soon, the REDkit, but they need a few guinea pigs test pilots to give it a spin first.

Head on over to the CDPR site, and you can apply for early access to the mod engine that built the Witcher 2, a game which was pretty much stunning when it first arrived, then became even more gorgeous when it was ported onto consoles, minus a concession here or there.

“We have our own vision for RPGs, they should present an exciting story and give players lots of choices that really matter,” said CDP studio head Adam Badowski. “The REDkit is designed to create adventures that way – mature, non-linear and engrossing stories set in vivid worlds filled with believable characters.”

The Witcher 2 kit includes various adventure-crafting tools, environmental creation abilities, as well as complex, nonlinear quests as they tell their own Witcher story.” You’ve got until September 30 to apply, and this is one thing that I love to see happening in the PC gaming world.

When given the tools, gamers can bring some marvellous ideas to life, much like that one modder did when he engineered the manliest of all dragons to appear in Skyrim, a few months ago.

Last Updated: August 20, 2012

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