Who ya gonna call? HURR DURR DERP

Your wallet is empty, your feet have blisters and your body odour is most likely strong enough to knock a donkey over. Yep, sounds like another rAge weekend has come and gone. I had a blast this year, running around in my Ghostbuster outfit. But hells bells, there was some damn good cosplay on display.

The standard is definitely going up each and every year. But so are the numbers of entrants, as this year was as chaotic as ever. Originally, entrants had a schedule for judging, but that soon gave way to a first come, first serve format.

One other aspect that also needs to be addressed, but this is more of a typical rAge issue, is sound. Specifically the fact that entrants standing next to the stage could barely hear anything, with the gathered cosplayers needing to shout along instructions to one another to keep the show going.

And I’m also kind of peeved that Noelle “Pfangirl” Adams did not win anything for her amazing Tomb Raider outfit. Seriously, photos don’t do it justice. And I’m not saying this because I hugged her and got an arrow in my face.

But otherwise, it was a solid show. Everyone was in character, friendly and more than willing to pose for photos no matter where they were. And a bigger stage at rAge really helped show off the talent that our cosplay community has.

Hell, I was so damn sad that I didn’t have my batsuit with me when Arkham SA’s Joker took to the stage, my favourite performance by far. And of course, what’s cosplay without Deadpool? Or several of them? You can never have too much Deadpool!


I’ll be back next year with something else, as the rAge cosplay is quickly becoming my favourite tradition. See you all in 364 more days!

Last Updated: October 7, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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