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The World Ends with You coming to iOS – but it’ll cost ya!

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Last week, I was pretty excited t that Square-Enix’s rather damned incredible touch-based Action RPG The World End with You was coming to iOS, giving millions more people the chance to exorcise Shibuya of its demons. Today, with the reveal of just how much its going to cost, my enthusiasm’s waned significantly.

Out today on iDevices, The world Ends with You was originally released on the Nintendo DS in English in 2008. while most iOS games sell for a dollar or two, capping out generally at about 7 bucks, Square’s continuing its tradition of just not getting iOS pricing; The World Ends With You is gonna set you back $17.99 – with an extra $2 premium if you want the iPad version.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is certainly worth more than $20 – it’s one of the finest games to have graced my DS, but for something on iOS, it just seems a little high – especially seeing as the “revamped battle system” takes some pretty big liberties with the games thematic design. what do you think? Is $20 a perfectly fine price for a game on mobile phones and am I bitching about nothing – or does Square need to give its iOS pricing a rethink?

Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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