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Outriders Review…I’m Out…

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When Outriders was announced at E3 2019, it was received with mixed feelings. A later gameplay reveal caused many critics to compare the game with other live service games like Destiny and Tom Clancy’s Division. Polish developer People Can Fly maintained that Outriders is not a live service title, but a game that people can “start and finish”.

Is it though? Methinks not. Too many shenanigans happened in the background.

A demo was released in February 2021, and had me thinking that they must have a lot of faith in their game if they released a demo the way they did. You could progress you chosen character class, or all of them up to level 7, right up to killing the first boss you encounter in the game. This demo would be available after launch as well, to see if the game was for you or not.

And yes, I was excited. So much so that I leveled all 4 classes in the demo to level 7, and came to grips with the game. I loved it!

And I was not the only one. Many Youtubers released countless videos about builds and the like, which made me chuckle. “How to farm this and build that” videos shot up overnight, with the many Youtubers jumping on the bandwagon to be the first one to show you how the game should be played. Many of them found exploits, and were reportedly punished for it by PCF. Many of them just stating the obvious. “How to get this shotgun or that gear piece”, but you get it anyway as you progress through to level 7. Anything for a click, was my initial thought, and a lot of them were slammed in the comment sections of their vids as the game wasn’t released yet and they were already jockeying for clicks.

The game released on April 1, 2021, after being delayed somewhat due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And we were left staring at this screen for a long, very long time:

There were also a lot of server issues, with players getting kicked from the game with server connection messages, causing mayhem to erupt and players whipping out pitchforks on Twitter. US players threw blame at “freeloaders” playing the game via the Eggsbawks Game Pass…LOL.

Eventually they fixed the problems and Kasie spent hours in the depths Cheddar’s Landing, aka GoudaFell by some, levelling three character classes, Technomancer, Trickster and Devastator and ignoring the Pyromancer like a text from my ex. I plotted my skill trees and generally just had shoot, loot and scoot fun.

The story was somewhat meh, but the missions were fun and the gunplay was decent. My characters, though, looked and sounded suspiciously like my character in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Youtubers that did build content on The Division 2, jumped ship to Outriders and littered the platform with videos of what you should be doing to clear CT15 Expeditions quick as a flash, builds you should be running, weapons to look out for, YOLO SOLO this, the best Class to play with and countless other “need to know” content. All those clicks made them giddy, I suppose.

The endgame quickly became stale and repetitive as I struggled through the challenge tiers and eventually, after a whole weekend of grinding, I just left the game. I was burnt out on it, and just didn’t want to play it anymore.

Players were complaining about the legendary drop rate and some even accusing PCF of holding out on certain legendary items they needed to complete builds, to keep players coming back for more.

For me, personally, I just got bored and tired of grinding for very little reward.

Evidently though, a bunch of fixes sorted out the legendary drop rate and various other problems and an upcoming patch will improve matchmaking and some other beasties plaguing the inner workings of the game. Things seemed to have become better, or so they say.

But still, an endgame just running the same expeditions over and over? Nooooo, spank you.

What are your thoughts? Will you be going back to Outriders or are you still playing?

For Kasie though, it’s done and dusted. I’m done with it.

Last Updated: July 13, 2021

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