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The World of Warcraft Token launches today

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One genre I’ve always steered clear of is the MMORPG. There are monthly subscriptions for starters (goodbye money), and I know that there is the risk of getting addicted forever (goodbye life). I’ll stick to my perfectly healthy MOBA addiction – with it’s pretty, costly cosmetics, thank you very much! If you however, are a gamer who loves MMOs, World of Warcraft in particular, and continue to wonder the lands of Azeroth, you’ll be happy to know that Blizzard are launching the WoW Token in certain regions today.

What is the WoW Token exactly? Here’s Blizzard’s official description:

The WoW Token is a new in-game item that allows players to simply and securely exchange gold and game time between each other.

Players will be able to purchase a WoW Token through the in-game Shop for real money, and then sell it on the Auction House for gold at the current market price. When a player buys a WoW Token from the Auction House for gold, the Token becomes Soulbound, and the player can then redeem it for 30 days of game time.

How can it benefit you? It’s pretty self explanatory. If you’re the kind of person who spends all your time working, making lots of real-life moola, chances are you don’t have nearly the same amount of time to farm up gold as others do. If that’s the case, you can spend real money on a token, exchanging it for in-game gold.

Alternately, if you’re the WoW gamer who spends most of the time in-game, farming up lots of gold, you can now save yourself the fee of your monthly subscription by purchasing a WoW Token with your amassed in-game riches.

The WoW Token will be available in certain regions starting today (North America, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand), costing a cool 30 000 gold. This price will change based on supply and demand. Blizzard have not shared details on when the other regions will be gaining access to the token, but I can’t imagine it being too far off.

What do you think? Will you be purchasing or selling WoW Tokens? Does it’s addition to the game annoy you or make you happy? Leave your comments below.

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Last Updated: April 7, 2015

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