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The Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Rumour

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Who wants Blu-Ray

Okay I keep getting tips about the rumoured upcoming Xbox 360 with integrated Blu-Ray player… Even though it has been denied countless times it has yet raised it’s head again and will now apparently be launched at E3 this year.

I honestly believe this to be utter BS, I can see absolutely no reason why Microsoft would actually do this at all.. The only thing it would do is prove that Sony was right from the beginning and even if that is the case I wouldn’t expect Microsoft to do it..

People are already complaining that there are two many 360 SKU’s available and adding an integrated Blu-Ray player will just add confusion, cost and logistical issues for absolutely no benefit…

What may happen is that Microsoft may release a Blu-Ray add on but I wouldn’t even expect that to happen until the middle of next year anyway.

The latest rumour is being fed by Gizmodo and is based on the belief that Microsoft wants to upstage Steve Jobs at the upcoming E3…

So does anyone see a valid reason for this rumour to be true?

[Nick also posted a story on this today which I have merged below]


Rumours about a Blu-Ray Xbox 360 being announced have been flying around the internet for quite some time now but it seems that we might get an interesting announcement from Microsoft today, I guess we will all know by tomorrow whether this is true or not.

A source of CrunchGear.com has tipped them off saying that one hour before the Apple WWDC today, Microsoft is going to upstage Apples’ Steve Jobs by announcing their Blu-Ray enabled console. While Microsoft’s Robbie Bach, denied the rumours yesterday, I find it suspicious that he even said anything at all as opposed to laying the usualy ” Microsoft does not comment on rumours or speculation” crap that we are usually given.

Something fishy may be going on, let’s see how it all turns out.

Last Updated: June 9, 2008

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