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A video that leaked out yesterday, before being summarily pulled by Sony, showed what games our friends in the US would be getting as part of their PlayStation Plus Subscriptions next month. It’ll very likely mirror the games we in European territories will be getting. Here’s a quick look at November’s PlayStation Plus games. Those hoping for AAA should steel yourselves for disappointment. Again.

According to the video, the The PS Plus games for PS4 in November are the previously confirmed The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – which is genuinely addictive, fantastic rogue-like adventuring stuff. Also joining the PlayStation 4 instant games line-up is another indie Gem, Steamworld Dig, a “mining platform action-adventure game”

PlayStation 3 owners will be on the receiving end of the PS3 version of Vita turn-based tactics game Frozen Synapse Prime and Vlambeer’s rather awesome Luftrausers, both of which should feature cross-buy with their PlayStation Vita versions. They won’t be the only games for Vita owners, who’ll also received The Hungry Horde, and the delightfully dark puzzle adventure for the Vita, Escape Plan.

For many, these will be seen as yet another disappointing collection of games, making up another disappointing month of PlayStation Plus Instant game collection offerings. I’m quite happy to be getting The Binding of Isaac’s shiny new remake and Luftrausers, but I can understand gamers’ frustrations. When PlayStation Plus debuted – and for months afterwards – the “free” games were barely old, AAA titles. Now, it’s mostly indie titles, and while many of them are exceptional games in their own right, they’re just not the stuff many consumers want – especially on the PS4, which has seen nothing even close to a retail game on offer in the year the system’s been available.

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DriveClub’s PlayStation  Plus Edition was meant to change that, but the game’s pervasive server issues have prevented its release. Many gamers have been hoping that some of the system’s launch titles, like Killzone, Knack and the oft-rumoured Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag  would have been made available by now. What do you think of this month’s games? Does PlayStation Plus still scream “Value” to you, or is it becoming more and more of a grudge payment?

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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