There is hetrosexual sex in Ballad of Gay Tony – The Internet rejoices

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I find the ballad of Gay Tony a bit of a difficult subject really.

I have absolutely no problem with homosexuality or any sort of legal sexual choice at all, it’s the same with racism or national pride you see. I hate racism with a passion but at the same time cannot stand organisations like the Black Journalists club.

While national pride is fine it can often be misused and defending a group of people purely because they were born on the same patch of dirt as you seems idiotic… but where was I?

Oh yeah, Gay Tony… I don’t remember a game purely dedicated to hetrosexual sex… oh wait.

Never mind… for those people who were a little worried that it was purely a homoerotic game you can breathe easy now. have released a bucket load of screenshots that show standard paid for heterosexual sex as well along with the ability to light prostitutes on fire which means we have pretty much covered the 3 main sexual persuasions.

To end at the beginning, I don’t think the Internet is ready for The Ballad of Gay Tony and I suspect the sales of this DLC will show this.

Last Updated: November 2, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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