There’s a Dragon Age: Inquisition patch coming today

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Dragon: Age Inquisition is a pretty good game, if you’re not the sort who prefers RPG’s featuring spiky pink-haired androgynous lead characters. Unfortunately, there are still a couple of issues that are preventing it from being a wholly incredible experience. It’s getting a patch today – but it unfortunately doesn’t fix the issue that’s making the game a little soulless for me right now.

The patch is coming to PC, PlayStation platforms and The Xbox 360 later today. The Xbox One gets no such patch yet, but Bioware says it’s on the way. Here’s what it fixes.

  • Stability – Various crashes, freezes, audio/voice glitches, and many stability improvements.
  • Gameplay – Conversations, quests, plot states, combat, UI, camera, controls, follower/enemy AI and path finding, exploits, radar, and search.
  • Multiplayer – In addition to some of the gameplay improvements listed above, multiplayer fixes also cover areas such as animations, game mode bugs, stat reporting, and stability/crash fixes.
  • PC – Numerous control & UI fixes, fixes to some hitching, improved Mantle performance, graphical glitches.

Unfortunately, I’ve been afflicted with that odd audio bug where companions become a little tight lipped, offering very little in the way of party banter. IT’s making it so that I’m traversing Thedas with a pack of mutes, severely eroding away at my enjoyment of the game. Bioware is aware of the silent party issue, and will be patching that up next. They’ve offered an explanation of how banter works for those not feeling any sort of connection to their party members.

Bioware has also said it’ll then start putting in features that didn’t make the cut due to time constraints. For free. Nice.

“As massive as Dragon Age: Inquisition already is, there were some things the team wanted to get in at launch, but we just ran out of time. We’ll be creating these new features and content and adding them into your game over time because we love our DAI players. Multiplayer will also be receiving regular content updates.”

I’ve been taking my time playing Dragon Age…and with The Witcher 3’s delay, I’ll be taking even longer.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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