There’s no escaping Origin if you’re a PC Battlefield 3 player

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Origin is EA’s new digital PC game shopfront, selling virtual copies of games for exactly what you’d pay for them in an actual store. Like competing online services such as Steam and Direct2Drive, Origin requires the installation of the Origin client.

You may have though that by buying a boxed copy of the game at retail might save you from having to install more unnecessary junk on your computer. You thought wrong.

DICE has confirmed that no matter where you get Battlefield 3 from, you’ll be required to download Origin as well. “Yes, Those” rumours” are true” confirmed DICE community manager Daniel Matros on twitter when asked about the need for Origin. This is hardly surprising. Valve games require Steam to be installed for the purposes of stack and achievement tracking  and the like. Origin, necessary for the multiplayer alpha as well,  caused some gamers frustration with its memory-hogging antics, but these are the sort of things expected from early software. Hopefully it wont impact the retail release as much, because it could impact the game’s uptake, with Modern Warfare 3 breathing down its neck.

Battlefield’s Battlelog service will also have to be running (in a browser, no less) in parallel with the game, making even less memory available to the game. Hey, that fully-integrated Call of Duty Elite service isn’t looking so bad now, eh?

Source : BF3Blog

Last Updated: August 12, 2011

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