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There’s no Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 3

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Modern Warfare 2 got a super expensive Prestige edition of the game that shipped with a functional set of night vision goggles. Black Ops, in response, kitted its Prestige edition with a functional spy-cam equipped RC Car.  So how’s Modern Warfare 3 going to one-up Prestige editions of the past?

It’s not.

While I’d secretly hoped that Modern Warfare 3 would have a fancy Prestige edition that included a puppy with a bomb strapped to it, Infinity Ward has confirmed that there won’t be a Prestige edition at all.

“There is no Prestige Edition, only a Hardened Edition for #MW3,” said Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling on Twitter, breaking the hearts of those who like extra swag in their games. Instead, there’ll only be the $99 Hardened Edition which, among other things, contains a 1 year subscription to Activision’s new Call of Duty Elite service. This is especially upsetting for local Call of Duty players, since we’ve gotten news that the Hardened Edition won’t be available in South Africa at all. 

Source : Twitter

Last Updated: September 19, 2011

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  1. Bandit3588

    May 12, 2014 at 18:44

    THERE IS A CALL OF DUTY PRESTIGE EDITION. I have the Call of Duty Prestige Edition! It in fact is equipped with all that they advertised. You just had to want it bad enough and I did.


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