These are FUSE’s agents, and these are their guns

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Fuse was once Overstrike, and I’ve moaned many a time about the switch from a stylised aesthetic to something a little more realistic (because 12 year olds rule the market). It drained away any enthusiasm I had for the game – with just one little thing able to resuscitate my interest; the weapons. If there’s one thing that Insomniac Games is incredibly good at, it’s making weapons actually feel like they’re important – almost a character in the games themselves.

Here you can see each of FUSE’s agents utilising their special weapons. Team Leader Dalton has a nifty Magshield, which is “a Fuse-powered Xenotech weapon that creates a portable shield to block incoming projectiles.” It’s also capable of projecting a “deadly electromagnetic blast.“

Team support Izzy Sinclair has a spectacular  Shattergun that “crystallizes enemies and lifts them up out of cover; while her Heal Beacon is able revive downed enemies from a distance.”

Team Marskman Jacob Kimble is quipped with a deadly sniper rifle of sorts, the Arcshot, a “liquid mercury infused Xenotech weapon that is able to melt away its target at the tap of a button.”

Every team needs a sneaky ninja, and the Overstrike 9 has one in the form a Naya – who’s equipped with a cloak and the Warp Rifle, a “Xenotech weapon that creates singularities to tear apart groups of enemies.”

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While I’m still not keen on the newer art direction, those weapons are pretty damned amazing – and I’m sure they’ll be a blast to use when FUSE sees release some time in the second quarter of this year.

Last Updated: March 6, 2013

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