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These are the guys who keep you safe online

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If you’ve ever listened to a Major Nelson podcast then you will more than likely already know that Microsoft has a division called the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team who’s job is to do exactly what it says in the title.

They patrol Xbox Live on a daily basis and are the people who deal with the reports that you can send in about a cheating player or racist remark or offensive gamertag.

One of the managers of this team, Boris Erickson, has the best job title on the planet. his official title is ‘Xbox Live Enforcement Unicorn Ninja’ and he is one of the people who reviews all the complaints coming in and decides if any more investigation is required and then after that what if any punishment is deserved.

The punishment can be as simple as requesting you update your gamertag as it’s accidently offensive or to, as they put it, inviting you to no longer be a customer.

The tricky part for these guys is that Xbox Live is a paid for service so when suddenly your access is revoked and your money isn’t refunded people can get very upset. So they need to be sure what they are doing is correct and that they can back it up.

Microsoft has posted up an article that goes into more depth around what the team does and how they have grown, it’s an interesting read and can be seen here but if you’re looking for more entertainment then rather head on over to this site to see some of the people complaining about their banishment.

Also remember Microsoft can see your Xbox Live Messages if need be, they aren’t private. A lot of people may not realise this.

Last Updated: August 4, 2011

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