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Thief on Xbox One isn’t about ‘pushing more polygons’

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Hey! Look behind you! Yoinks! While I scuttle off with your pilfered bus tickets (VICTORY IS MINE), you can ponder to yourself just what kind of a game Thief will be on current and next-gen systems. Will superior graphics make for a grander gameplay experience? Not exactly, says Eidos-Montreal.

Speaking to OXM, producer at Eidos Montreal Stephane Roy suggested that technical limitations could actually help create a better game in the long run. “It’s not a question of pushing more polygons, but convincing you that you are part of this city,” Roy said. “Sometimes technical limitation can be a good thing”.

A long time ago, it was either dark or light. Today, it’s real life. But it does make things more complicated for us. We have to create a [world] you have to be able to read, but if it’s too black and white you won’t believe in it.

I love seeing worlds brought to life in video games, but most of the time, such graphical beauty comes at the cost of ignoring crucial other parts of the gameplay experience. And seeing how games such as Borderlands 2, Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite have managed to create such worlds with lesser pixels per polygon (I have no idea what that means), it is more than possible, and practical, for developers to go in that route.

Last Updated: August 8, 2013

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