Things for a Tuesday

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Just a quick apology for the downtime since Thursday afternoon, I finally had my first holiday in 3 years and had written a few posting which were meant to automatically become live as the hours went by to keep the site ticking over.

Sounded awesome, didn’t work :(… So please accept the apologies I will try to understand this system better next time…

On that note I am still looking for someone to help me right write some articles for the site. Someone who has a slight (notice slight) bias towards the PS3 would be warmly welcomed.

Unfortunately due to lack of sponsorship or any personal cash the position is unpaid ;)… That is until someone visits my advertising page and realises the advertising opportunity that this site offers. 

So that’s it, again apologies for the black out but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere and if I ever go on holiday again I will organise a 3G card….

Oh and can someone give me an idea for a poll?

Last Updated: November 13, 2007

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