Think pitching a new idea for a video game is easy? Think again

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You’ve got to love anything that Tim Schafer works on. From his early point and click work for Lucasarts, such as Full Throttle, to later, underrated breakthroughs on the PS2 with Pyschonaughts, to the mind-blowingly awesome Brutal Legend that we experienced last year, its amazing how Schafer always manages to combine quirky ideas with fun gameplay. But when it came to his next game, Once upon a monster, Schafer had to really dig deep and sell the idea, to impress one of the most notoriously difficult CEO’s in the gaming industry, the Cookie Monster. Wait, what?

Once upon a monster is due out later this year, and is a Double Fine studios game that has been developed in conjunction with Sesame Street.


Last Updated: July 14, 2011

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