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This game looks absolutely incredible, Rainbow 6 Patriots

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Apparently someone was about to leak some target footage for Rainbow 6 Patriots and Ubisoft has decided to do the smart thing and release the footage themselves. This way they can ensure it’s good quality, that we know it’s target footage and not real gameplay footage and it also kick off the hype train in a massive way.

If you think you’ve seen incredible footage before you ain’t seen nothing yet but remember this isn’t official PS3 footage this is a target render, this is what they are trying to achieve.

This is also what I personally expect from the next generation Xbox and PS4.

Okay are you ready? You’re not, but watch it anyway.

Can you imagine playing a game that looks like that? Also how cool are the scanning devices and that plot twist.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this game as I was a massive fan of the previous Rainbow 6 titles and this one seems to have seriously upped the ante.

Also VG247 received a press release with some new info which you can find below

Unprecedented narrative – Patriots’ storyline explores an ultra-realistic what-if scenario inspired by real events and characters. The game will allow players to experience events from multiple perspectives creating an unprecedented level of immersion.

A new threat for a new team – Terrorism has evolved and Team Rainbow must face an organized militia of home-grown insurgents. As the leader of a new squad, players will wrestle with difficult ethical decisions and determine if the doing-whatever-it-takes mentality is needed to stop the enemy.

Enhance squad management – At the press of a button, the Rainbow squad will perform the most efficient and deadly tactic given the context of the situation. When extreme measures are required, or when players call for it, you can take full control of your squad to plan the perfect assault.

Evolved combat – The game’s combat techniques have been pushed to the next level with cover and weapon systems redesigned to accommodate every combat situation. New Rappel and Breach mechanics are now enriched with multiple new techniques including Wall & Ceiling Breach, Fast Rope Rappel, inverted ‘Aussie Style Rappel’, Infiltrate & Subdue, to name a few.

Intense multiplayer experience – Players will be rewarded for working as a team and mastering the game’s new features that enhance communication and tactical execution between teammates. Once such feature found in the pre-game online lobby is the Sandtable, a holographic display that helps acquaint players with the level maps before they jump into the action. This will help players strategically coordinate attacks and add a new dimension to squad tactics.

Surprise and overpower enemies – Utilize the game’s new Scan mode to strategically breach and infiltrate areas. This new tool will provide a thermal read on the situation, allowing you to determine the squad’s best course to overwhelm and defeat enemies.

Last Updated: November 29, 2011

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