This Halo 4 figure is pretty arty

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Halo (6)

Now you to can finish the fight…in my bedroom. No, this isn’t Oscar Pistorius: The Video Game, but instead a tagline for a brand new Halo collectable. And dammit, I wants it.

Figure maker Kotobukiya is bringing out a new Master Chief statue in October this year. This might have something to do with a new Halo game being launched. I think. Engage tinfoil hats and gaze at the replica Mini-Chief as I investigate this mystery:

Halo (8)Halo (1)Halo (2)Halo (3)Halo (4)Halo (5)Halo (6)

Master Chief stands at 36.5cm in height when fully assembled, and is made of resin, ABS plastic and magnets. I don’t know how you make something out of magnets, but that alone makes me want this even more. The Chief will retail for ¥ 14,800 when he’s finally released. That works out to about just over R1500. Now the hard part is figuring out how to get it out of Japan.

Making this a rather more affordable replica actually. Anyone want to buy some of my artwork of crudely-drawn spiders?

Last Updated: May 29, 2014

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