This is Mass Effect 3’s fiery Female Shepard

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According to Bioware, just 18% of players chose to save the galaxy as a female protagonist – meaning 82 percent of you missed out on one of the best things about Mass Effect; Jennifer Hale’s turn as Commander Shepard. Bioware seeks to change that, gracing the Collector’s  Edition of Mass Effect 3 with the lovingly nicknamed Femshep.

If you’ll recall, Bioware also ran a two-pronged campaign to see which particular Femshep would be the de facto covergirl. The votes, as they say, are in.

It’s said hat gentlemen prefer blondes, but it seems that most galaxy-saving gamers disagree – because an overwhelming number of gamers opted for the redhead.I have no idea why, but I have a tendency to play RPG’s as a red-headed woman. Dragon Age, Fallout, Oblivion and Mass Effect have all seen their respective universes saved by a dryly sarcastic but good-hearted crimson-haired lass – So I’m okay with this choice; plus, the contrast of red when when engaging in lesbian trysts with blue aliens really speak to me. It tends to say “Yay, alien lesbian sex!”

Anyway. You chose your Femshep, and this is she. What do you think?

You can see the results and download a redhead Femshep wallpaper at the Mass Effect 3 Facebook Page.

Last Updated: August 29, 2011

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