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This is the big secret Activision will blacklist to protect

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Over the weekend a gaming website in France, gameblog.fr, broke some big news that had Activision’s PR team rushing to the phones to try and squash the news as quickly as possible.

In fact according to the website owners they have now been blacklisted by Activision and all their invites to future events have been cancelled along with all previously booked advertising. So what was this big news that they managed to uncover?

Well they received a tip off that a new game had been loaded onto the Amazon France website and they went and took a screenshot and then posted up that this new game is called Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Yup that’s it, apparently it’s a big secret that this years Call of Duty is going to be a sequel to Black Ops and Activision France’s reaction to this news was to demand the story be taken down or Gameblog.fr will be backlisted.

Thankfully Gameblog has now credibility and refused to take it down, the same apparently can’t be said for Jeuxvideo who apparently panicked and removed the offending article to save themselves from the same fate.

Activision has now responded and said it’s all a big misunderstanding and that they don’t blacklist people but it’s a bit late for that now. They already look like idiots and this is not going to help sway public opinion back into their favour.

From my side I hate how these big games are now so incredibly managed behind the scenes, I’d happily put some money on the real problem here being that IGN or GameInformer or someone like that has bought the exclusivity rights to break the news around Black Ops 2 and Activision is trying to save that agreement rather than them being worried about a French gaming site stumbling across a product page of Amazon France.

I’ve also heard rumours that the name of the game isn’t even going to be Black Ops 2 and that we have a subtitle incoming. I’d like to stick with my original Redux subtitle but apparently that’s wrong so let’s think of another one.

You got any good ideas? Black Ops 2: Redone?

Last Updated: February 20, 2012

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