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This just might be the greatest take on gaming and exercise

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Staying in shape is never easy, and while plenty of us are willing to hit the gyms or protein shakes, it’s also an activity that cuts into precious gaming time. There are all kinds of games and ideas on the market for games that are designed to make your body cry, from fitness titles across the platforms, to my pull-up bar that has a Xbox controller attached to it.

But most of them aren’t exactly much fun, and the games themselves happen to be rather underwhelming. One genius Canadian modder however, has managed to incorporate one of the more exciting games on the market today, with a genuine exercising input device.

Brent Smith recently MacGuyvered an exercise bicycle with some sensors, magic and an Arduino micro-controller, resulting in a pedalling device that makes the classic Super Nintendo Mario Kart an even more addictive game.

By pedalling, Smith can accelerate the go-kart of his favourite Italian plumber, with the actual speed of cardio-burning activity determining the output speed of the kart, while buttons on each side of the bicycle handlebars allow him to steer.

“This is a lot harder than it looks,” Smith said to Kotaku. And considering how many times he veered off the course and crashed he may just be right. One commenter suggested that he use Donkey Kong Jr for his next exergaming session, with Smith replying that he  “Could barely win with Mario, handling the awesome? speed that is DKJr would have killed me”.

Last Updated: April 16, 2012

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