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This pitch for a Seinfeld game about nothing sure is something I’d like to see

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For a TV series about absolutely nothing, Seinfeld certainly had a lot to say back when it ruled the airwaves. Essentially a comedy about a quartet of horrible people getting into trouble because of constant miscommunication, Seinfeld still makes for a hell of a worthwhile chuckle-fest today, even if every punchline is followed by the sound of a trapped studio audience laughing themselves into a coma, a curse that would continue to be felt in The Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, it’s weird that Seinfeld never got a video game. Austin Powers got a quick cash-in game, soap opera Dallas even had a stab at digital immortality in 1984 and Cory’s escapades in the White House are the stuff of awful Nintendo DS legend. But Seinfeld got nothing. Nothing!

Two developers want to change that, with a pitch for a good ol’ point ‘n click game that would be built on a key pillar: Conflict arising from confusing chat. Here’s the pitch for the game, from Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon:

You may be thinking, “You idiots, why would you make a game based on a sitcom that last aired over 20 years ago and potentially incur the wrath of lawyers like Reddit user Dingdongs313 warned you about?” But yes, OK, actual lawyers also warned us to not touch it. (Although some of you may also suggest it’s worth us taking the risk of huge financial debt as long as you get to play the game.)

We want to do this the official way. However, we believe that pitching to the internet will show the demand for such a game, which will provide a better chance of this becoming a thing than us just sending a cold email. We want our email to be warm, if that makes any sense. The ‘90s were ripe for video game cash-ins on popular franchises. In this game we imagine, “What if there was an official Seinfeld point-and-click adventure game that was never released?”

For a “show about nothing” Seinfeld has a surprisingly rich world. There are so many memorable recurring characters, plot lines and locations as the four protagonists navigate new relationships, jobs and rivals. 

The show existed during the time of iconic adventure games such as Monkey Island, Full Throttle, King’s Quest and many more. 

Point-and-click adventure games often involve some sort of task or mission that requires a mix of conversational skills, puzzle solving, item collection and use. In Seinfeld, conflict also arises regularly from miscommunication or involves novel items (think episodes like The Pez, The Junior Mint, The Statue, The Calzone, The Fusilli Jerry, The Couch, The Big Salad etc). All this melds perfectly with the point-and-click formula!

Love a good pitch! Janerka and Dixon’s hearts are clearly in the right place for this project, so here’s hoping that their pitch can pick up steam, Beyond the nostalgic style and puzzle-solving born from Jerry and co’s usual cocking up of a situation, the duo plan to create original stories within the game that feature Jerry, Elaine and George dealing with trouble while Kramer shows up as a wild card to throw a spanner into the mix.

Is it a crazy idea? Maybe, or this could be a pitch so sane that it just blew your mind. And what’s the deal with point ‘n click genre games? Isn’t Call of Duty a point ‘n click technically? You point your gun at an enemy and click some bullets into them!

Last Updated: April 20, 2020

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  1. speaking about nothing, what you guys playing these days … I’m playing Sky children of light on my phone and wow, talk about a great game since Journey. Love it, play a few hours last night! can you believe it, think I met a developer or pro, he had the coolest setup, took me places I could never get to, and his look was awesome, never seen anyone close to the way he looked.

    Also started league of legends again, but proper this time, love the game man.
    Well stay safe…


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