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This politician is unfit for office because of her World of Warcraft habits

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It’s not easy being a politician these days. If you’ve got skeletons in your closet, you can rest assured that sooner or later, they will be dug out for the world to see. Politics is a messy business, and when running for one of the top jobs in the American arena, candidates will stop at nothing to reveal why their opposition shouldn’t be voted into power. Much like current nominee Colleen Lachowicz, who has poisoned, stabbed and eviscerated people…

…In the World of Warcraft. According to the Maine Republican Party, who have set up an entire website dedicated to her old forum posts, that makes Lachowicz unfit to hold any form of office. Be warned, as that hyperlink contains such horrific quotes such as “”I love poisoning and stabbing! It is fun. I never thought I would love it so much either. I did not start out in WoW with a rogue.”

As out of touch Maine’s Republican Party spokesman David Sorensen had this to say about her disgusting gaming habits in a press release;

Democratic Senate Candidate Colleen Lachowicz’s Disturbing Alter-Ego Revealed

Online comments raise questions about candidate’s fitness for office

AUGUSTA – Colleen Lachowicz, the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 25 (Waterville), has been living a time-consuming double life as a member of the World of Warcraft community. World of Warcraft is an online gaming network where people play a fantasy role-playing game in an imaginary world called “Azeroth.”

Today, Colleen is playing at level 85–the highest level one can attain. Studies have found that the average World of Warcraft gamer is 28 and spends 22.7 hours per week playing.

Her character in the game is called “Santiaga,” an Orc Assassin Rogue, and Lachowicz lives vicariously through her, making comments about World of Warcraft and other topics on the liberal blog, The Daily Kos. Here is a sampling of Lachowicz’s comments:

  • “So I’m a level 68 orc rogue girl. That means I stab things . . . a lot. Who would have thought that a peace-lovin’, social worker and democrat would enjoy that?!”
  • “Yes, I am seriously slacking off at work today. And I called my congresswoman’s office today. And told them I would probably be calling everyday.”
  • “I spent my day leveling my alt – an undead warlock…”
  • “I’m lazy, remember?”
  • “Now if you’ll excuse me, I may have to go and hunt down Grover Norquist and drown him in my bath tub.”
  • “Or my dream from election season last year where John McCain sat at my childhood dining room table and I reamed him a new a**hole about Sarah Palin.”
  • “I like to stab things and I’m originally from NJ…. what’s your f***ing point?!”
  • “Do not send me a campaign contribution or I will have to stab you! Seriously!”
  • “Yes, join us! We’re progressive… in fact we joke about being a socialist guild.”
  • “I love this diary because it sums up the teabagger mindset.”
  • “These are some very bizarre and offensive comments, and they certainly raise questions about Lachowicz’s maturity and her ability to make serious decisions for the people of Senate District 25,” said Maine Republican Party spokesman David Sorensen.

And for those of you with strong constitutions, you can even pick up a postcard with her heinous thoughts, printed on it, such as this one;


Absolutely disgusting. What’s next? Does Julius Malema steal all your legendary guns after an epic Borderlands 2 raid? Does Jacob Zuma camp and snipe in Call of Duty? Does Helen Zille force you to download certain DLC packs in order to play games according to her rules?

There’s gaming skeletons in those digital closets, and we intend to find out for ourselves what exactly our elected representatives get up to, after hours!

Last Updated: October 5, 2012

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