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This Spore Business is Getting Old Very Fast

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I am really trying to steer clear of everything Spore related at the moment but this just can’t be ignored. For the majority, the battle with EA has been fought on the Internet but now the anger with EA’s DRM has shifted into the game.

Some very interesting creatures have started appearing. It’s sad to think that all the creativity has been used towards sending EA a message that they will most likely ignore.




Just to catch up, the comments on Amazon have now reached 2,379 with 2,141 being one star ratings.

I have had enough of this whole episode now. EA are going to continue to stand behind the DRM while the disgruntled gamers try everything in their power to show EA just how disgruntled they are. If EA want this to stop all they have to do is admit that the DRM was unnecessary and useless.

source: ShackNews

Last Updated: September 16, 2008

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