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This SteelSeries onesie is so wrong

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SteelSeries Onesie

I love SteelSeries products. If I had all the money, I would totally upgrade my headset, mouse and keyboard to whatever they have on offer. Even their mousepads are pretty cool, except I’d miss the ergonomic lumps on mine. However, this latest addition to the SteelSeries product range is weird and truly shouldn’t exist.

The SteelSeries “Pro Gaming Suit” is essentially a hooded onesie, even if the product description tries to up-sell it.

The SteelSeries Pro Gaming Suit is 100% awesome. Comfortable for hours/days of gaming at a time and ‘suit’able for use at LAN parties, relaxing with friends and many other social occasions. Worry no more about matching t-shirts and jeans, jumpers and sweatpants or vests and shorts! Let the Pro Gaming Suit take the hassle out of your daily grind.

Social occasions? The stress of matching jeans and t-shirts? Are they out of their minds? Obviously they don’t know gamers seeing as none of the gamers I know would be happy to be wearing pants, but even so – this is just a onesie with SteelSeries written on the leg. What about those customizable lights SteelSeries always raves about? Sure, you can pick a custom size in range S-XXL, but it all just seems to weird for words. Also, I would refuse to buy a onesie without feet, and possibly a butt flap.

I know apparel is a thing and that many brands do well by making t-shirts, and even hoodies, but when did a gaming suit designed to be worn for days become appealing? This is just bizarre and sort of hilarious. Here’s hoping it’s just an early April Fools joke. Then again, winter is coming for us – would you want to suit up with a pro gaming suit and boost your odds of being a laughing stock winner at the next LAN?

Last Updated: March 31, 2015

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