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This trailer for Pigeon Simulator looks too coo

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They’re everywhere. Winged engines of destruction. Predators who have an uncanny ability to home in on cars that have just been washed so that they can add a layer of excrement to the glossy coat that you just applied. Beaked bastards, who watch you…always. Pigeons may just be nature’s perfect crapping machines. The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility and desire to coo softly while it watches you through a window.

Now imagine if you could play as a creature whose mind is unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. Not only that, picture a pigeon whose power has been further increased and unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. If you can imagine that terror, then you’d get…Pigeon Simulator:

Pigeon Simulator comes from Bossa Studios, who you might remember as the team that was responsible for the delightfully absurd Surgeon Simulator game. That was a game where it was up to you to slice and dice your way through a patient, using various medical tools and trying to ignore all the blood that was gushing forth from the various wounds that you had inflicted on the poor sap strapped to an operating table. Ye gods, there was a lot of blood. So, so much blood.

Pigeon Simulator is pretty much the next chapter in a wacky portfolio that so far also includes I Am Bread and Worlds Adrift, with the latter game having its servers shut down later this month. Pigeon Simulator is kind of like Worlds Adrift in that it has a focus on flying, although the feathery new title from Bossa Studios also focuses on just flatout chaos as a glorified rat with wings.

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I kind of want this. Because, ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a Goodfeather…

Last Updated: July 2, 2019

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