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It’s been 4 weeks in the making but the time has come for the best DOTA 2 team in South Africa to take on the best DOTA 2 team in Mexico in an all out fun time game experience.

Yes this is not a war or a grudge match or anything like that. This is our top team being awesome and stepping forward to allow the Mexicans to put their best team to the test after the previous faulty attempt.

So without further delay, please read the rest in an announcers voice, the team facing Mexico tomorrow evening at 8pm are none other than Energy eSports. The DoGamingLeague leaders and champions of rAge.

Energy eSports is currently sponsored by the following awesome companies, give them a hand.

1-proline-e1380747473122 1-amd-e1380747235464 sponsor-isgaming-e1378992071286 sponsor-steelseries-2-e1378992096798 sponsor-monster-2-e1378992083894

They will be going up against the number one team in Mexico, Team Quetzal, who recently merged with SUMA which won their latest national championship.

Team Quetzal are in turn sponsored by

kingston_hyperx_logo1 cmstorm Coolermaster_logo

This is our main match and is schedule for tomorrow night, 12th of October, at 8pm. 

The match will be live streamed by the wonderful people at Polarfluke with Congo Kyle shoutcasting along with Drew Penn (Hari). You can watch it right here

Our second match is scheduled for Sunday at 8pm and will take place between the Mexican Aztek Gaming who we have been informed are the second best team in Mexico at this moment in time and our very own Sector 17 – Zephyr gaming who come from a very large clan and are making solid progress in the doGaming League. They’re sponsored by Liquid Blast Energy drinks.


Unfortunately with the LoL match with South Africa on Saturday it has been hard to nail down our second and third teams but we do feel that Sector 17 will do our country proud and give Aztek Gaming a difficult challenge.

I’m still waiting for the list of sponsors for the second Mexican team as and will update this as soon as I have them, along with the details for live streaming.

We’d like to thank all those involved for stepping forward and accepting to play and we wish you all the best of luck, we wish the South Africans more luck because we are biased but we wish the Mexicans luck as well.

I’d like to see the countries start building a closer relationship and starting to include other smaller eSports countries in the mix so that we can all pull ourselves to that higher level in gaming.

Last Updated: October 11, 2013

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