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This year’s GaymerX to be the last

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GaymerX, the gaming convention that celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer gaming community will be held in July in San Francisco in June this year. It will also be the last. The convention’s organisers have announced that it’s the end of the road for GaymerX.

“Based on feedback that we’ve gotten, the new focus towards diversity in the industry and budget, GaymerX2 will be the final year for the con,” the GaymerX Twitter account posted.

The biggest issue seems to be a lack of industry support, and a resultant lack of finances. The GaymerX Twitter later tweeted that, “the size of our event and the amount of money we were losing to put it on became too much of a burden to keep at this pace.”

Speaking to Polygon, GaymerX organiser Matt Conn said:

“We decided that we could no longer continue as a convention as the price of running a yearly convention downtown in San Francisco was just too high — we weren’t able to get the corporate sponsorship that we needed to make it something sustainable, and we were racking up huge amounts of debt to put this years con on.”

“That being said, we’re going to make the very best convention we can and we’re super eager to see a rise in more alt-cons in the future, making gaming accessible to everyone.”

On the one hand, it’s important for people to feel they’re safe, welcome and included no matter their orientation. On the other, something like GaymerX shouldn’t exist because there should be no need for it.

In an ideal (and unfortunately unrealised world) people should feel accepted and safe wherever they are, but backwards, still-prevailing attitudes mean that places like GaymerX are necessary. In some ways, GaymerX even further segregates the LGBTQIA folk from everyone else, and I imagine the real end goal would be for everyone to all just get along at the conventions that already exist. Liberté, égalité, fraternité and all that.

Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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