I have a pretty thick skin – I’m not easily offended and I’m pretty tolerant of the objectification of  digital women in videogames. Honestly, it generally doesn’t bother me. But woah – those crazy Japanese have a game that makes me worried.

Allow me to show you a new JRPG, Criminal Girls INVITATION, that’s coming to PS Vita. It will only hit the Japanese market, which is probably for the best. The game allows for punishment of these criminal girls, but they they won’t be breaking boulders or doing laundry. No, this is some strange BDSM-themed game, without the consent

According to Dualshockers, it’s possible to use a whip to slap the girls with the touch screen, and that part will become red. Additionally, the girls will react accordingly. But wait, there’s more! A slippery liquid can also be used for punishment purposes. As you progress through levels of punishment, the outfits the girls wear become more revealing. Plus, you can change costumes to make punishments more effective:

Certain costumes are more compatible with specific methods of punishment. For instance swimsuits are very compatible with the slimy liquid mentioned above, while stockings are perfect to be used with the feather duster.

Finally, there are various voice samples featuring moaning and groaning – headphones are recommended. Really, you can’t make this stuff up! I know, this is acceptable in Japan because it’s actually such a prudish culture – this is their outlet for such desires and thoughts. However, this is really rather disturbing. As always with anime, the girls look just a little too young for my comfort levels, and I don’t like the lack of consent. Feel free to make a BDSM-themed porno game, but at least let the characters be consenting adults – at this point, it’s a game that promotes sexual assault.

Check out the gallery – what do you think? Disturbing or just what you expect from Japan?

Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_25Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_011 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_191Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_20   Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_23 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_24  Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_26  Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_27 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_28 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_29 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_30  Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_31  Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_33Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_34  Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_32Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_35 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_041 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_061     Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_111 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_121    Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_171 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Art_181  Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_08 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_01 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_02 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_03 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_04 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_05 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_06 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_07  Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_09 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_10 Criminal_Girls_INVITATION_Screenshots_11 

Last Updated: October 17, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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