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THQ has 5 months to save itself else it will be delisted

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THQ’s been getting quite a lot of bad press at the moment around it’s rumoured imminent closing and that it possibly killed off it’s entire 2014 release slate.

It’s continuously denied these rumours but at the same time it’s share price is tanking badly and bad press isn’t going to help that issue at all and now it’s just got worse.

THQ has now officially been warned by the NASDAQ that unless it’s share price climbs above the $1 mark for 10 consecutive days in the next 180 days it faces being delisted from the exchange entirely.

Unsurprisingly this news sent the stock price down another 3 cents and it’s currently trading at $0.67. Exactly a year ago it was trading at $6.01 and around 5 years ago it was at a lofty peak of $36 a share.

There is a trend here people and it’s only heading in one direction,  I just don’t see them getting their share price up. The delisting is not 100% confirmed however, THQ can appeal but they’d need a really good reason and the NASDAQ could decide out of the goodness of their heart not to delist them.

To save themselves THQ really need some of their upcoming titles to do really well so if you love THQ, which you really should, and want to help them out then grab a THQ game (not from the second hand bin) the next time you are in store.

We’re desperately hoping the next THQ title we receive for review is as good as Saints Row 3 but like we said, there is a trend here so I’m not overly hopeful.

Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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