Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – Ryder Cup

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Tiger Woods 11

I like golf, ladies & video games so it comes as no surprise that I am quite a fan of the Tiger Woods golfing series.

However that being said this latest video that Joystiq has posted up for Tiger Woods 11 just annoys the living hell out of me.

It’s about the ability to create teams and play in the Ryder Cup which is all good and well but the voiceover man then says it’s for honour and for country but the Ryder cup is between Europe and the USA and Europe isn’t a country and yet it gets worse.

He then changes his mind and says it’s continent vs continent… yet the USA isn’t a damn continent.

Maybe I put on my pedantic pants by mistake this morning but this sort of thing really ticks me off, the USA isn’t a continent, Europe isn’t a country, South Africa is not Africa and Australia and New Zealand are the same thing in the end.

Okay so one of those isn’t strictly true but I stick by 3 out of 4.

Tiger Woods 11 is out

Last Updated: March 19, 2010

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