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Time cover “World on the Brink”

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This story goes to show how much money and power videogame companies like Activision have at the moment.

Time Magazine, probably the most well known publication on the planet, has never once allowed anyone to use it‘s unique cover style to market a commercial product. The reasons are obvious really as it can be seen as cheapening their brand or tarnishing their reputation.

However that has now all changed with Activision convincing them to allow them to use it as a special pre-order poster for Modern Warfare 3.

You can imagine a lot of older people who don’t play games getting a little panicky when seeing this poster in the window as they are walking through the malls.

Time has said that they have allowed this to happen as the target market for Modern Warfare 3 is the exact market they struggle to penetrate and therefore they are seeing this as a mutually beneficial deal, there has been no comment on whether Activision dropped a wad of cash their way though.

It’s one of the few pre-order items I would love to get my hands on, it would look awesome framed and mounted on the wall but at the moment it may only be an American offer.. we’ll see what we can find out and let you know.

Source: NYTimes

Last Updated: June 15, 2011

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