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Time to turn off the PC?

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How do you know when you have been behind your PC for just that little to long?

Well there are many ways to tell but if you find yourself ranting on a MMORPG forum about the fact that the developers have shrunk the size of your avatars breasts then the best idea would be to turn it off and walk outside…. When you find yourself threatening to cancel your subscription because your pixelated wannabe girlfriend has had a boob job then it’s time to seriously re-look at your priorities in life…

Unfortunately this is what has happened in the Age of Conan game where a patch has accidently shrunk the oversized breasts of most of the avatars, which seem to be controlled by males…

The developers have apologised and promised to rectify the situation as soon as possible, in the mean time how about trying to find some real life humans to interact with instead?

If you like you can head on over to the forums to view the shocking evidence for yourselves, and to think this made it to the number one spot on N4G, an obvious sign that males still run the casual media in gaming.

Last Updated: June 3, 2008

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