Time Trials In Forza 3 Demo – A Lazygamer How-To

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Here’s a quick little post for all of you out there who downloaded or are going to download the Forza 3 demo.

While on the surface the demo looks like it only offers a quick race with the selection of cars available, there is also a time trial mode complete with worldwide leaderboards. Best of all, it gives you the whole track to yourself with no lap limit and no pesky opponents to get in the way of your awesome attempt to roll your car 3 times while handbrake turning over a bump.

It’s pretty simple, quick instructions after the jump.

Ok so here is what you do.

When selecting the track, you will see that you can hit a button to check the leaderboards. Once in the leaderboards, simply hit the “A” button and you will enter the timetrial mode, allowing you to do whatever the heck you want.

Short and sweet, now get cracking. The leaderboards are quite scary, I did a lap or two last night and placed 17,500th in the world, and was still somehow in the top 4%. Some guys are already posting up crazy times, so give it a go.

Last Updated: September 29, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

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  • ewie

    Just love the new menu interface, it is so quick to get something, in forsa 2 you had to go to a complete separate
    area just to do hotlaps, this is much better and quicker.


    If you go into leaderboards you can also check Drift scored by using your D-Pad. Drift can be activated in the time trial mode by using your dpad to alternate between drift mode and time trial mode while you are racing, which means no need to jump out everytime you want to switch over, I really like that.

  • Project81

    I have just set my new best time 59:554
    Ranked about 1150/600000 -quite happy with that.

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