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Tips and Tricks for Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition has a whole bunch of new elements for combat this time around. There’s the tactical camera, as well as some fun abilities for the various classes. Bioware knew these might take a bit of getting used to, so they made these videos to help you out.

First up is their new video explaining the Tactical Camera:

If you are sans YouTube access, you can view it over here. The second video they released was this one, showing off the skills and abilities from a range of classes, explaining some core techniques.

And for the non-Youtubers among you, the video is also here.

Of course the various roles have their own unique tactics and skills. I really like the way the video explains some cool ways to link a series of skills together to deal maximum damage. Plus, it’s nice to see how the various types of rogues or mages would make use of the different kinds of abilities that they would possess. It makes each class more varied, allowing for even more individual styles of play.

The game is launching this week, and I’ve heard from our friends at retail that the stellar early reviews have really boosted their pre-orders. I am certainly excited to play it, and I’m curious to see just how much I end up using the tactical camera or certain abilities. I often just fall into a default approach to combat in any game, using the same techniques to overcome all my foes. It will be cool to see Bioware pushing me past that, out of my comfort zone with some cool new enemies and skills.

Last Updated: November 17, 2014

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