Tips for managing your inventory in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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I am thoroughly enjoying Dragon Age: Inquisition – I intend to vacation for all of December in Thedas. However, the inventory can get a bit daunting. With only 60 slots and better loot drops than Destiny, you might find yourself trying to maximize space without losing out on rewards. Here are some tips and insights.

First of all, no, you never get a storage chest. No, this doesn’t make sense especially considering that you have an entire base of operations, but it seems to be the nature of the game at the moment. This might be added later as a paid DLC – I’d honestly pay for the chance to throw everything in storage.

As I already warned you last week, you shouldn’t hit sell all for valuables. There are research and quest items hidden amidst the junk and you don’t want to miss out on cool things because you were trying to clear your inventory or grab extra cash. Instead, here are some things I’d recommend.

Return to your base frequently

At your base of operations, you can cycle through all your companions. I’d recommend returning often so that you can equip everyone with the best possible gear from what you’ve collected, and easily determine which items are junk and can be sold. Be sure to equip something in every accessory slot possible, too – accessories can take up a lot of space and you can always swap them around between players later on down the line.

While at your base, be sure to pop in at the research table to drop off any enemy research that you may have acquired. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally sell them from your valuables tab.

Sell your gear before valuables

You may be inclined to sell off valuables. If you do so, that’s fine, but we are still working hard to get a full guide of every item required for all requisitions and side quests. Numerous valuables are already known to be required for quests, such as the Fereldan Mark of Service or the Fereldan Tome.

Sell all common gear that you can’t currently equip. Common gear is common for a reason and you can usually craft something far superior. Even if you choose not to craft your gear, you can generally pick up enough blues and purples down the line not to worry about common gear. Yes, this includes the cool daggers or swords that you’re not yet high enough level to equip; trust me, but the time you are that level, you will be finding or crafting even better stuff. The same goes for weapon upgrade items – if you aren’t currently using it, you will probably be better off selling any common pommels, arms or other upgrade items.

Don’t have faith in buyback

Many sites are listing buyback as an option for people to use as storage. Beware of the trolls – as soon as you leave the area of the merchant, their memory for buyback disappears. This isn’t an alternative to storage, so be extremely careful if it’s something you normally rely on.

Last Updated: December 2, 2014

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