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Tips to ready yourself for the Nighthold

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World of Warcraft’s latest raid instance opens today, and like every other raids there are a few things you need to do in order to read yourself for the raid. Nighthold is the continuation of the Legion invasion and it’s where we will finally encounter Gul’Dan and rid him of Azeroth. While most serious raiders are aware of what’s needed to progress, for the more casual raiders there are some things you can do if this is your first big raid, or you’re returning after a holiday break.

1. Read up on boss encounters

The worst thing for any raiding team is someone who doesn’t know the tactics. Every single boss instance has a set of abilities which need to be understood or you could end up causing multiple wipes and slowing down progress. Websites like Wowhead and MMO-Champion have in-depth guides (and videos) for each boss encounter and it’s advised that you go read up or watch a few videos.


Here’s some light reading material regarding the raid:

  1. MMO-Champion “Boss Summaries”
  2. Wowhead “Nighthold Survival Guide”
  3. Icy-Veins “Nighthold Raid Guide”
  4. Fatboss TV “PTR Videos”

These are just a few of the ones I make use of. A simple Google search can reveal a lot more.

2. Know your class changes

Quite a few classes received significant changes in patch 7.1.5. I’d highly recommend looking up your class changes, changes to your legendaries, and the new legendaries which came with the new patch. Some classes are considerably stronger now, while some are a lot weaker. Hopefully yours isn’t the latter. For example, if you play Hunter I have some very bad news for you.


Here are the full changes which came with last week’s patch, and here are the hotfixes to please all the upset classes who got nerfed pretty hard. Statistic weights have changes for many classes, so do your research.

3. Stock up on consumables, gems and enchants.

If you’re rich in gold, make sure you purchase enough potions, flasks, and food for progress. If you, like me, prefer mindlessly gather herbs, make sure you get cracking and make enough for the progression. Prices are going to be soaring today and tomorrow so if you have extra in your bags, this is the perfect time to make a quick buck on the auction house.

There were a few changes to neck enchantments. Mark of the Claw now gives a programmed random occurrence of 1000 haste of crit (Best in slot for most classes) and Mark of the Trained Soldier now gives 600 Mastery (up for 300). Do some research, and ready yourself.

4. Upgrade your legendary items

From today you’ll be earning legendary essences to upgrade your already equipped legendary items to 940 item level. Saving your caches is also beneficial as completing the legendary quest line will give you essences from caches. Be smart, and save them up until you’ve completed the quest.


Grab the quest in Dalaran, complete it, and then open all your  caches and your weekly chest in your Order Hall, then thank me later.

That’s about it. If I’ve missed anything let me know! Best of luck, and let’s get rid of Gul’Dan.

Last Updated: January 18, 2017

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