Titanfall 2’s single player focuses more on puzzles than on action

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Titanfall 1 was a pure multiplayer game, one that managed to make up for its lack of any proper single-player content whatsoever by just being incredible at online action. Titanfall 2? I have some doubts about the multiplayer attached to that sequel, which I spoke about yesterday. But at least there’s more to it than just a middling online experience as a campaign helps flesh out the narrative that began in the first title.

Considering its lineage, it’s easy to imagine Titanfall 2 boasting the kind of skop, skiet en donner gameplay that made Call of Duty a global phenomenon before Infinity Ward was gutted and its remnants forged into Respawn Entertainment. That Baysplosion-heavy gameplay wouldn’t be unwelcome in a game built around piloting gigantic mechs with fists that can demolish skyscrapers.

But Titanfall 2 isn’t going for that direction in its campaign. Instead, it’s using its signature traversal options to create something  that is less scripted and more thoughtful in its approach. “A lot of us came from making the original Call of Duty, on up to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2,” producer Drew McCoy said to GamesRadar.


o at the outset we expected [Titanfall 2 would be] a very bombastic, scripted cinematic, lots of explosions type of experience, but what we ended up with is very different from that. Not that we don’t have big set piece moments to drop your jaws at, but that’s not what the game is in total. A lot more thoughtful moments where there’s puzzles, there’s challenges where you’ve got to get from point A to point B and we don’t tell you how. It’s up to you, as a pilot, to figure how.

And that sounds interesting. While I’m still completely sold on the overhauled mechanics of Titanfall 2 in a multiplayer environment, seeing them take the spotlight in single-player intrigues me. Especially when you factor in your best pal who happens to be a marvel of mechanical engineering. According to McCoy, building on that relationship was a key factor in creating the campaign as “it was pretty thin in the first game.”


Mainly because it was multiplayer and your titan could explode at any time, it’s very disposable. In single player we don’t have that so we can stretch it out and explore that relationship more.

Titanfall 2 is out in October, where it’ll be flanked by enemy titans in the form of Call of Duty and Battlefield 1. Truly, this will be the month of the first-person shooter.

Last Updated: August 23, 2016

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