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Titanfall DLC already in development

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I am not a fan of the culture of DLC. Sure, I understand that some games can provide a complete experience and the DLC is for people desperate for more, but I can’t help but feel a bit cheated when games are designed to have DLC. Just give me a complete game at the start! This is why I’m a bit perturbed about Titanfall.

Titanfall looks amazing, there is no denying it. It will probably help Microsoft to ship a ton of Xbox Ones, and a bit part of my personal mission to get over FPS nausea is so that I can play this game. While EA is calling Titanfall its “most anticipated” game, they are also being conservative on sales because of its limited platform release.

However, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that they do expect Titanfall to have a positive impact during fiscal year 2015 (which begins April 2014) as “DLC is already in development”. This is actually why the Sims 4 was moved from releasing this fiscal year – EA needed to accommodate the expenses incurred by Titanfall.

Meanwhile, Wilson believes that Titanfall and Battlefield 4 can exist together. Considering the problems plaguing BF4, I’m not sure I can see many players sticking with that franchise once Titanfall is released, unless they’re playing on a non-Microsoft platform and can’t play Respawn’s shooter.

I wonder if that beautiful collector’s edition of Titanfall will include a season pass for all the DLC. I have a feeling it won’t just be one, but that we’ll be seeing regular DLCs released for the game. Realistically, I suppose most FPS fans are used to it by now – it’s the same business model applied to COD and Battlefield.

Last Updated: January 29, 2014

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